10 space saving ideas for small apartments

Published : 12/07/2018 15:32:50
Categories : Household Ideas

Small spaces doesn't mean there's no space. You'll just have to get creative!

1. This shoe stacker 

Too many shoes? Take up just half the space needed with this.

2. Acrylic table organiser

Do you have the problem of opening up every drawer to find what you’re looking for? Here’s a neat way to compartmentalise your items and find them quickly.

3. This ottoman that has storage space

Living in small spaces often mean that we have to improvise when it comes to space planning. Here’s an ottoman that functions as storage!

4. This multipurpose chair

You need a chair, ladder, or planter? How about a 3 in 1?

5. Extendable table

Most of the time it is just the family at home and sometimes you invite guests over and don’t have a table big enough. You don’t need an extra table, you just need this extendable table.

6. Stick-on whiteboard

Sticks right on your wall or on any surface!

7. Fold up bed

No space for a guest room? The living room makes a fine guest room with this fold up bed which is disguised as a sofa and shelf on normal days.

8. Fold down table

For those who hardly eat in, this is a great space saver. Lift it up when you need and when you don’t, it can stay by the wall. 

9. Vertical garden

With your living space being small and your green fingers itching, you don’t have to compromise. Simply just start growing vertically.

10. Storage on wheels

Now its a TV console, and later next week, you can push it to your room to be your personal storage space.

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