2018 furniture design trends

Published : 07/07/2018 03:16:09
Categories : Household Ideas , Renovation Ideas

The world of design is ever-changing and it is sometimes subjective but there’s also a trend if you haven’t already noticed. We’re halfway through 2018 and here are some trends we’ve spotted. 

Dark kitchens 

It’s dark, classy and sophisticated especially with a touch of some living greens. If you can't keep living greens alive then artificial plants would make the cut too. If you have green fingers then maybe even a window herb planter.

Less of thick stone benches but more of green or brown marble and even an all-black kitchen. These are the new must-haves as we ditch the lighter shades. 


Popular materials include terrazzo, velvet, brass, handmade ceramics, glass and wood. For wall decorations, we stopped seeing quotes framed on the wall but we started seeing textile wall hangings. 

Velvet ottoman adds a touch of opulence to the home.

Geometric living rooms

Alongside with soft organic wallpapers you’ll see furniture that has dashes and stripes. Some curves too, and less florals.

Very clean, soft and moody textures.

Dark bathrooms

It isn’t just the tiles but check out the black basins. There were even some bathtubs made with black stone.

Other darker shades like plum were spotted too.

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