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Published : 27/06/2018 16:21:22
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Parenting Tricks to get you through the toddler years

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Keeping up with your toddler is a tough gig. For all the sleep deprived, overworked parents out there, we’ve helped you track some of the best tips n tricks to make your life a little easier.

Reverse Toilet Training


Toilet training can sometimes be the worst. Once a kid gets a hang of the training seat, it’s time to move on to the “Big Boy”. Some parents are using the reversed method (Shown above), which allows them to be more stable and for them to practice facing the toilet so as to not aim at your walls. The most awesome part of this trick is the amusement opportunity: Allow your kid to draw on the toilet lid with a dry erase marker.

Mark the toilet roll

 Once your kids learn to properly use the potty, you will want to keep them from clogging up the toilet. We suggest using colourful line on the wall to show your child how much toilet paper they should use.

Stop the sliding


If you have the habit of wearing flip-flops at home, then this will be useful.
Slippers presents some problem, which is that it can be slippery at times.

To solve this, apply dots of hot glue to the bottom of the soles.

Make eating greens a treat

A mother froze a green smoothie into a popsicle… Sure it’s kind of sneaky, but how else will a 2 year old be willing to ingest kale?

Mess Free Painting

How to let your kids finger pain without ruining your kitchen counters? Use this trick that we found – put 2 or 3 colors of finger paint into a Ziploc bag and press all the air out, then seal it. Lay the back over a white sheet of paper (so the colors shows better) and tape down the four sides. Let your toddler hit the town and go mixing colours, creating “pictures”.

The “Try New Food” Game

Every household has a grazer or a picky eater, so how do you get your picky toddler to try out new food? Here’s an idea, put small portions of a variety of different food side by side – an ice cube tray becomes a game when you portion the food in colourful groups. All the pretty colours just to make one palate water. There’s beansprout, almonds, pistachios, beef jerky and more.

Sand Time in the Shade

You can send your kid out for some fun time in the sand while protecting them from the harmful rays of the sun. Add a travel playpen, flipped upside down on your sandbox or patch of grass.

Ice Cream Drips No more

When it gets hot outside, theres nothing better than an ice cream cone or popsicle to chill the kids. Yet, nothing ruins your clothes and floor like sticky syrupy drips. To keep the drips contained, pick up a scissors and cut a hole in a paper plate or just use a cup lid and stick the popsicle stick or ice cream through it.

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