Essentials for your first home gym

Published : 11/07/2018 14:48:08
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If you’re committed to keeping fit, a home gym can be a worthwhile investment as compared to a gym membership. You can play around with these ideas depending on the space you have available for the home gym. 

For the bare minimum to take it easy on your pockets and for a start, you should get the following

1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are extremely versatile and with them alone you can do a full body workout. Simply just grab it and move. There’s no set up required which makes it such a simple tool to work with. Another plus point is that it is an excellent low-cost option for strength training and conditioning. 

2. Kettlebell

A kettlebell is in some ways similar to dumbbells but a key difference is that whole body movements are typical. Kettlebells aid in strengthening tendons and ligaments, making the joints less injury prone. 

3. Jump rope

Something we used to play with as kids are now very commonly used for cardio warmups and improving coordination. It is low cost and an effective tool for cardio workouts.

4. Music

You can get a bluetooth speaker or even really, just blast some music from your phone. There has been quite a lot of research done to show that listening to music while working out might help burn more calories.

If you want some fancier stuff and have the luxury of space, you can consider getting the following

5. Pull up bar

There is some installation involved but how cool is it to have a bar mounted at home for you to work with anytime you like. Aside from just doing pull ups, it is common for gymnasts to practice with these bars as well. 

6. Rings

If you’re relatively fit and have had experience with rings, you can consider getting a set from your home gym. Not only is it used for gymnastics, it can also be used for general bodyweight workouts.

7. Medicine ball

Great for core strength movements, you can throw, carry, or do exercises with it. Always remind yourself to have the correct posture to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself while doing the exercises.

With that being said, you don’t have to purchase all of those items but based on your budget and exercise requirements, slowly incorporate them into your home gym.

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