FIFA World Cup home party ideas for soccer fans

Published : 27/06/2018 09:08:05
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The buzz about the world cup is as strong as ever and soccer is really trending. Whether is it Argentina vs Nigeria, England vs Panama, or just supporting your favourite soccer player, check out these home ideas to make the FIFA World Cup 2018 more interesting.


FIFA soccer bean bag

Stock up with props of soccer players, soccer balls, etc. to bring in the FIFA world cup spirit. Whether its streamers, balloons, cushions, or even furniture like beanbags in a shape of a soccer ball. 

Redecorate your walls

As you invite your friends over to watch the match together, your home needs to look and feel the part as well. You don’t have to renovate, but you can repaint the colour of your home with your teams colour or even a mural. You can also get temporary decor items like the flag of your team to place in your living room.

Have a dress code 

FIFA world cup support jersey singapore

How is it a party without dressing up? Have a FIFA theme party with your friends in your favourite jerseys and maybe even head out for second round of drinks in it after the match. After the season, you can even hang the jersey up on your wall as memorabilia.

And maybe some face paint?

Face paint FIFA world cup supporters

Get the family (even pets) involved

Soccer can be really exciting too for the children. When your home is furnished with streamers and other things, the excitement builds on stronger. You can even dress your pets up in pet sized jerseys. 


FIFA world cup party food theme football soccer

Last but never the least, soccer themed food and snacks.

Any other innovative ideas you have which we may have missed out? Do let us know in the comments. 

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