Five tips for selecting the perfect furniture

Published : 26/06/2018 11:12:29
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Choosing the perfect furniture is much more than falling in love with its appearance. Not only do we have to consider the style but also its construction so that the furniture can last for the many years to come. Hence, placing consideration to its distinct details and construction quality of a furniture is a great way to help seal the deal.

Here are Five tips to selecting the perfect furniture:

Construction: Go for furniture that are heavy and solid. Stick with solid wood construction and avoid light aluminium frames and particleboard as these materials are prone to damage.

Solid wood construction will last a whole lot longer and is the standard for furniture of high craftmanship. Nonetheless, it is important to ensure that the price is consistent with your expectation for the furniture’s lifespan. A balance between these two factors will help to meet the budget and allows you to estimate the time to replace the furniture.

Comfort is also an important point when it comes to looking at construction. Remember to give it a sit test for furniture such as sofas because regardless of how beautiful your upholstery piece is, you won’t enjoy it unless it’s comfortable.

Shape: Will the general shape of the piece withstand the test of time or is it trendy?
Whatever you purchase is an investment in your home and tells a lot about you. Choose a furniture with a silhouette that you’ll love now and in the future. However, this does not mean to choose something lack of style or shapeless. Be it contemporary or traditional, there are always many updated selections available on the market.

Finish: For pieces with exposed wood, the stain or finish colour is an important factor to be considered. Finish colour of many pieces can cause the furniture to change dramatically. Take for example, a chair can be easily taken from traditional to contemporary by changing from a cherry stain to a black paint. Similarly, a mahogany piece painted white will immediately look more feminine. Also, if you’ll like your furniture to shine and standout, look for furniture with lacquer finish which also helps to protect the wood.

Fabric: In a formal setting, light coloured fabrics are appropriate for the living room and bedrooms. Yet, for furniture that will be used often, darker fabrics are recommended. Reason being that the fabric will make stains as well as wear and tear stand out less.

The Surprise: Search for furniture that has some personality or an unexpected element. It could be the unconventional shape of the piece, some interesting nail head details or tufting. In any way, your personal style should reflect through the pieces of furniture which you choose.

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