Go Big and Go Home : Setting up your home gym

Published : 26/06/2018 14:58:19
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Gone were those days when heading to a commercial gym was the only way for one to follow an exercise regime. Setting up a gym at home has become a trend, thanks to how easy and accessible exercising has become. Unfortunately, it isn’t an easy affair as most of the exercise machines and tools are very expensive to set up.

Fret not! With good planning and proper research, one can effectively set up a home gym and on a budget too.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:


Firstly, find out the exercise programs tailored to suit your fitness milestones and help you achieve.
It is important because this helps to decide on the equipment, the space and the environment you need in your home gym. Have it written down and use it as a focus point.


Refer to your workout regime for an estimation of space required. For cardiovascular training and CrossFit, you’ll require a bigger open area than solely weight lifting. Another thing to note is that the workout space should be as private as possible, to avoid distractions and other temptation to skip working out.

For weight lifting intensive individuals, rubber floor tiles should be used to protect the flooring from damage such as chipping caused by the dropping of heavy weights. It also helps to avoid any serious injuries in case of slipping.


Alternatively, exercise equipment mat could be used for individuals who do not want to line up their room with rubber tiles or for those who want additional protection.


While for individuals who require greater movement space, the martial art exercise mat which can be pieced to desired size should be used to protect the floor from sweat stains and provides greater comfort and protection for foot landing.


  • Multi-station
    The compact exercise system is a multi-functional machine used to target a range of muscle segments. Due to its compact nature, this all in one machine is a perfect fit in places with space constraints.

  • Dumbbells 
    Dumbbells are free weights which allows use for many different exercises and are cheaper than buying standard weight sets. Unless you intend to do heavyweight lifting, dumbbell is an ideal multi-purpose equipment. Instead of wasting space by buying a pair of dumbbell for every specified weight, or go through the hassle to remove the dumbbell plates manually, at JIJI we offer high tech and compact dumbbells.


  • Straps
    Resistance bands are generally inexpensive, and can be used with some very effective workouts. In fact, the addition of resistance band to regular exercise can make it much more challenging and optimal.

  • Bench
    It is possible to use a slab with legs as a “bench”, however using a proper bench with sufficient cushion is safer as it helps to avoid injuries. Benches come in different grades and are inexpensive at basic level. It is useful for core and strength training.


  • Stability Ball
    Exercise balls are widely available for affordable price and are very versatile.
    It comes in various sizes too, even a basic one can be used to compliment with many conditioning exercises.

  • Bars
    The bar must be sturdy and fixed properly onto a wall to avoid injury from falling. While some bars require drilling, there are other designs which are as sturdy, do not require drilling and can be simply installed by the doorway.



  • For safety reasons, it is better to get the equipment installed professionally if you are not sure on how to do so yourself.
  • Remember to make measurements of your workout area before purchasing equipment; you do not want to crowd your workout space or purchase equipment that does not fit in at all.
  • Consult professionals or a friend well-acquainted with fitness regimes. They will be able to give you useful tips on how to stick to the budget while having a fully functional home gym.

  • Take good care of the equipment by following the maintenance steps that comes with the packaging. It is a good measure to deal with wear and tear that equipment goes through due to high usage and possible damages.

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