Latest home decor trends for 2018

Published : 06/07/2018 08:56:19
Categories : Household Ideas , Renovation Ideas

Maybe you’re getting the key to your first home or redecorating your house. You want to make sure you get the look and feel you want and stay ahead with the trends. Here are some which you might want to keep up with.

1. Tropical prints

The tropical trend is still going strong and didn’t just last through summer. For everyone who is looking to step up their floral fashion game, think more about mixing plenty of lush, energising greens and less about vibrant carnival brights.

2. Brass accents

Add a luxurious finish to any room with brass. Metallic touches are not new, but the difference in 2018 is the choice of metallic finish – think more brass, less copper and rose gold! 

Table lamps and smaller accessories are the perfect way to inject a new trend without having to invest in larger, expensive furniture pieces.

3. Marble

Marble is a classic which defines time and continues to stay in trend. It is something every house should have a little of. From floors to wallpaper there’s a marble effect finish for all home accessories this season. 

4. Bold pigments

Black, White and Grey may be the neutral choice for many interiors, but colour it is getting a little bolder this year. On walls and furniture pieces, the colours are a little wilder.

The spring/ summer palette with rich new shades are all beautifully intensified with paired with the muted colours. 

5. Dark wood textures

Dark wood is taking over the Scandi trend of recent years. We’ve noticed that the addition of a slightly darker element is all you need to freshen up your space.

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