Weight Loss Through Compression Garments

Published : 28/06/2018 11:17:14
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How does it work?

A compression garment exert pressure onto the body to give it a different form which are usually made from stretchable fabrics such as Spandex and Lycra. When one is donned, the body is squeezed by the fabric in which it surrounds. Apparently, different cuts of compression garments help to shape the body differently, giving you your desired shape.


Many manufacturers of such compression garments claim that it will aid in acceleration of weight loss through sweating. However, this is both true and false. Similar to all tight clothing, compression garments only make you perspire in areas where you’re wearing them. Though sweating may cause water weight loss, that loss is regained as soon as you rehydrate to a healthy level.


Micromassage is the exertion of gentle and constant pressure on the body during movement. Little evidence support that it helps to boost weight loss. On the contrary, it does help to break up cellulite, which makes the weight you have become more attractive.


It is also claimed by manufacturer that the compression help to increase weight loss speed. Given the illusion of weight loss through the shaping of your body, research has found no evidence that shows permanent weight loss in any way. Instead, the artificial support to the body tissue may even decrease weight loss rate by permitting support muscle in certain areas to atrophy.

Athletic Support

However, there is one way as to how compression garment can help with losing of weight. They are the compression garments made for athletes. Rather than just being cosmetic garments, it actually helps with athletic performance. This is done through the improvement of circulation and giving muscles the additional support they require. In a psychological perspective, better performance can be a motivation to you to exercise more and more exercise is definitely the way to go for losing weight effectively.

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