Why Join the Spinning Craze?

Published : 26/06/2018 16:29:28
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When partying meets cycling, we get the fun, exciting and blood pumping spin classes which leaves you burning calories even hours after your class. But does it really work?

Today we discuss about the science and benefit of spinning.

Cycling is probably one of the best exercise to do, apart from being a great stress buster, it aids in burning some serious calories. Apart from that, it strengthens core muscles that are very important for overall fitness and strength. However, people find it challenging to indulge in cycling as a regular exercise due to the problems associated with it, such as road safety, bad road, bad weather or lack of time.

Spinning is the process of riding a stationary bike in an enclosed environment, a simple solution to the problems mentioned earlier. Classes typically last 30 – 60 minutes and are carried out with various routines, intensities, resistance and rest.



Popular spinning studious get their riders to clip their feet into the bikes. The leg keeps pumping for as long as the wheel turns. Merging this “Always Working” aspect with heart thumping music, enthusiastic instructors and an energetic group atmosphere of spin classes, it’s simple to achieve intense exercise and burn a whole lot of calories.



One hour of spinning was sufficient to trigger the release of blood chemicals related with heart stress or changes. While that may sound bad, these chemicals / biomarkers signal the heart that it is getting a good workout. “These kinds of findings have also been seen with prolonged exertion such as marathons,” says study author Dr. Smita Dutta Roy of Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden.
Though more research is required to understand the true risks and benefits associated with exercising at such intensity, she said that the shift of biomarkers her team observed could aid in blood vessel repair and renewal.

It also helps to enhance body composition, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and fat mass says Jinger Gottschall, an associate professor of kinesiology at Penn State University. Her research shows that high-intensity spinning can even increase fitness level in professional athletes. She wrote “In every study we’ve done, we’ve seen increases in heart and lung capacity” and calls it the “Optimal cardio workout”, receiving intensity of a treadmill or stairclimber without the impact.


  •        Muscle-Building

You may end up bulking a lot more than you thought possible. Since most spin classes employs the rules of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), it engages the lower body’s fast twitch muscles which are responsible for the explosive strength required for the body to execute during such taxing exercise.

  •        Healthy Heart
    Spin classes are designed to keep the heart rate above normal levels during the entirety of the class. This makes it an effective aerobic exercise which aids in increasing lung capacity, endurance and burn calories.

  •        Improvement in Posture and Strength
    With a proper instructor to coach you on the best posture to use during spinning, it will help to maximise output, optimise lung capacity and minimise injuries. When execute with proper form, spinning targets directly at core muscles such as upper & lower back, laterals, abs and thighs.
  •        A Low- Impact Exercise

Spinning is light on the joints and ligaments compared to most of the other exercises. There are no jerks as the movements are smooth unlike sports like basketball, and no direct impact on the knees like a marathon. As such, people recovering from injuries or suffer arthritis, sprains and the elderly can all participate in lower intensity spin classes.

  •        It Relieves Mental Stress

Spinning is a form of rhythmic workout, this allows the brain to zone out and focus completely on the process which helps to ease the mind. It is a worry-free exercise as you do not have to think about where you are heading. The position is stationary and the only thing that’s changing is the pace, which is also mostly subconsciously controlled.


Spinning is a very effective exercise. However, if you are new to spinning, you will have to ease in and give your muscles some time to adapt to the intensity. Even for experienced athlete, pushing beyond the limits during the first or second time may be risky.

If you are in search for a high intensity workout a couple of days in a week – and especially if you are engaging in running or other forms of vigorous aerobic workout – spinning may be the ideal method for you to keep your heart and body in shape.

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