Your Workout apparel affects your performance

Published : 29/06/2018 13:33:46
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It’s important to exercise regularly, but did you know what you wear during your workout is important too? What you wear has a big impact on your performance. Aside from helping you get into the right mindset to hit a gym session, they have other benefits too.

We share five benefits of wearing the right workout apparel: 

1. Breathability and Sweat Wicking


Since you will perspire a lot during your workouts, it sure helps to don appropriate clothes. Having breathable fabrics that wick away the moisture on your body helps to keep you cool and dry unlike clothes made from material such as cotton, which absorbs perspiration and tend to emit unpleasant odour due to bacteria build-up. Moreover, you will feel heavy and disgusting from the sweat absorbed into the clothes. It makes a tremendous difference as to how you feel.


2. Clothes Durability

It’s not necessary to splurge to get good, long lasting workout clothes. However, if you’re someone who loves to spend on expensive legging, you’ll be happy to hear this. The right workout gear is typically much more durable, allowing you to get plenty of usage as compared to what you find in typical departmental stores or on sale racks.


3. Protection From the Environment

Your workout clothes offer protection from the environment. If you intend to workout in hot weather, loose clothing and breathable fabrics are incredibly important as it helps to keep your body cool and prevent you from heatstroke which can be fatal. To reflect the sun’s ray from your body, opt for lighter colors.

While in cold weather, be sure to layer your clothing to stay warm against the chills. However, it is ideal to choose an outer layer that gives ventilation to allow regulation of body temperature. You can choose to take it off if you find yourself getting too warm. It is also wise to have breathable clothes underneath to encourage sweat wicking.

4. Comfort

Comfort is priority when it comes to choosing the right workout gear. The worst that can be done is to wear something uncomfortable when you hit the gym. The wrong shoes will give you blisters on your foot while a super tight sports bra will dig into your back, and the wrong shorts are going to rub against your thighs and cause irritation.

Choosing the right clothing will not only make you feel confident in what you wear, but also allow you to focus your attention on the workout rather than being self-conscious. Moreover, it will not cause discomfort that can impact your performance negatively.

5. Improved Range of Motion

No one will run in a pair of skinny jeans, simply because they aren’t breathable and comfortable. Alas, they sure don’t provide you the range of motion you require to complete your workout. The wrong clothes are not going to do you any good and will end up holding you back instead.

For greater performance, its best to choose flexible clothing that permits your body to move freely. Do not go for anything too tight if you feel that it’ll hold you back. You want them to form you like a glove.


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