One of our biggest showroom that houses a large variety of household furniture. From sofa, desks, dining table to even massage chairs. What you need, we’ll have it here.

Feel free to approach our friendly staff for any assistance you may require.

Living Zone

Most of the sofas are displayed within this zone, be it 1-seater armchair, or 4-seater sofa. There are also coffee tables on display. Occasionally, there will be discounts on the display sets for walk-in to purchase. Many of our sofas are customizable in terms of material and colour, find out more by speaking to our friendly staff. Nonetheless, feel free to touch, feel and seat on these display sets to find the most suitable sofa for your living room.

Office Zone

This is where you can find most of your office needs. Select from a variety of office chairs and other unique designer chairs. There are also shelving and office storage on display for you to find your storage needs. While office desks are customizable in dimension and in a range of colours. Review our colour booklet and cut-outs to find what’s best for you.

Dining Zone

Dining table is one of the most eye-catching furniture that helps to decorate and make your home stand out. Not only are our dining tables beautiful and trendy, it is also functional. Check out our ultra-compact extendable dining tables and tables with induction cooker.

Wellness Zone

Everyone needs a break once in a while, head to the wellness zone to try out the massage chairs as well as foot massagers, and If you like it, bring it home. Our massage chair ranges from different price levels, you are sure to find one that fits your budget.

Storage Zone

The Storage Zone provides you with efficient storage solutions to keep your house clean, tidy and hazard free. Storages come in many different sizes and multi-tier cabinets are stackable for you to fit it anywhere you want.