Casual Foldable Bicycle in Black (20 Inch-Single Gear)

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SGD $119.90

Ships From ; Thursday (03th Dec 2020)

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Ships From ; Thursday (03th Dec 2020)
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Thu, 03 Dec '20 12:00 - 16:00

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20 Inch Casual Foldable Bike Bicycle (Single Gear)

Ratings & Reviews

By (Singapore , Singapore) on  10 Aug. 2020 (Casual Foldable Bicycle in Black (20 Inch-Single Gear)) :


Prompt delivery. The bicycle is fine for just a normal tour down the blk or to a park. Seat r pretty hard but it is fine once using a seat cushion. Bicycle was already pre assembled. Thank you. There isn't any instruction manual to fold the bike. Have to figure it out myself. But it was easy to fold. Overall a nice simple bicycle. Thank you seller..

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By (Singapore, Singapore) on  12 July 2020 (Casual Foldable Bicycle in Black (20 Inch-Single Gear)) :

Easy to use

Fast delivery and it works well for me to cycle around my neighborhood!

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By (Avenue 2, Singapore) on  12 July 2020 (Casual Foldable Bicycle in Black (20 Inch-Single Gear)) :

Punctual delivery

Item came installed and ready to ride it anytime. thanks JIJI

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questions   Question: Do you provide the adaptor for pumping air into the Tyres?
Patrick Teo on 2020-11-14 10:16:54
Answer: Dear customer, we do not provide the bicycle pump or adaptor
questions   Question: Can this bike use as training bicycle? training for 2 wheels
Hayat on 2020-10-19 12:52:47
Answer: Hi there,  this cycle isnt suitble for traning wheels .
questions   Question: How to adjust the seat?
D on 2020-09-14 17:05:56
Answer: Hi there, kindly contact us via jiji live chat so we can guide you on its procedure
questions   Question: is this suitable for someone 160 cm tall? Also, is there any bell? Is there any foldable bike you sell that has different speeds? Thank you.
Laura on 2020-09-13 15:35:19
Answer: hi there! yes it will fit you , yes there is a bell , and this only comes with the standard speed.
questions   Question: What is the maximum weight limit for the rider?
Peh on 2020-09-13 11:54:06
Answer: HI there , this will be just nice for a avarage full grown adult
questions   Question: Hi there, two questions: 1) Is this suitable for someone who is 187 cm ? 2) Does this come with suspension? Thanks !
Farhan  on 2020-09-08 22:33:44
Answer: Hello there! 
1) Is this suitable for someone who is 187 cm?  > Yes 
2) Does this come with suspension? Thanks!  > No 
questions   Question: Is it able to change gears? How many gears are there?
best on 2020-08-12 09:30:01
Answer: hi there, this is single gear .
questions   Question: If I buy this bike, how soon can I get it? Can I self collect and do you deliver to my place with how much fee? Thks
Welles Tan on 2020-08-06 14:40:20
Answer: Dear customer, sorry self collection is not available. delivery fee will be $9.90.
Estimated around 3-5 working days.
questions   Question: May i know also if can put basket in front?
Anarose Pajo on 2020-08-04 14:18:44
Answer: Hi there, yes you may put but we dont sell it :(
questions   Question: what is the maximum height of chair from the ground? and how much will adjust will lower?
Anarose Pajo on 2020-08-04 14:10:46
Answer: hi there, it will be 85 cm maximum and the lowest will be 65 cm
questions   Question: hi./. what is actual weight of the bike ?
melissa chan on 2020-07-17 13:45:10
Answer: hi there! it weighs around 12kg .
questions   Question: Hi , I‘ve read a last review claiming that the seat isn’t adjustable but I noticed your instructional photos stating that it is. I wanted to verify this. How much can the seat move up or down in cm or inches? Thanks much!
Suja on 2020-07-15 21:41:36
Answer: Hi , estimated around 8-10cm
questions   Question: Can this bicycle be brought onto MRT?
Alan on 2020-07-02 01:43:57
Answer: hi, from our understandings commuters can bring their foldable bicycles in MRTyou may also wish to check with LTA regarding this inquiry Thank you :)
questions   Question: Hi there, what is the total length from front wheel to the back wheel? I want to know so that I will be able to find a place to put in my condo. thanks
vincent on 2020-06-30 22:05:58
Answer: hi there, the length would be around 150cm
questions   Question: Can I get some guidance on how to fold this bike I can’t find any instructions on it online
Dev on 2020-06-10 16:42:20
Answer: Hi, you may refer to the photo below

questions   Question: Is this a good bike for beginner. Also I’m 5 ft 7 in tall so will this be good for my height?
Dev on 2020-06-06 11:05:53
Answer: Hi, yes it is ok for beginner and suitable for your height too. thank you.

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Casual Foldable Bicycle in Black (20 Inch-Single Gear)
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Thu, 03 Dec '20 12:00 - 16:00
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