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JIJI.SG Automatic Mahjong Table in Gold (Auto Fold)

JIJI.SG Automatic Mahjong Table in Gold (Auto Fold)

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Ships From ; Sunday (06th Dec 2020)

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Ships From ; Sunday (06th Dec 2020)
Ships from Ships from
Thu, 03 Dec '20 12:00 - 16:00

Product Description

  • Latest control panel. 
  • One button Auto Fold
  • Comes with USB charger on each individual side for charing mobile phone
  • Comes with mobile phone slot for easy keeping of mobile phone
  • Thicken landing pad in drum for minimum sound.
  • Super Silent System, reduces noise by up to 70%.
  • Uses All Copper motor for improved performance, life expectancy and low power consumption.
  • Able to keep both sets of mahjong tiles in the table. (Auto Fold only)
  • 39 pre-programmed mode for different styles of playing.
  • "Special" mode for self-programmed able to customize any style. 
  • 3rd generation table with improved system and material.
  • Imported Light Sensor Control Board.
  • Latest version of Motherboard.
  • Low breakdown rate.
  • Value for money (Performance to Price).



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Essential Info



- 2 sets of Magnetic Mahjong Tiles (Blue & Green)
- 152 Tiles (inclusive of 4 Fèi)
- 3 dices (can be requested to 2)
- 90 different playing styles (2/3/4 Players)

- Default Mode (4 Players with 148 Tiles)
- USB Wired Chargeable Pods

Ratings & Reviews

By ( , Singapore) on  01 June 2019 (JIJI.SG Automatic Mahjong Table in Gold (Auto Fold)) :

Great item to buy when on promo

Great item to buy when on promo

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questions   Question: The automatic mahjong table does it come with the animals tiles since it can play SG style?
Joey on 2020-11-13 09:14:11
Answer: HI there, yes this is singapore style 
questions   Question: How to set to play 3 players mahjong game?
sylvian on 2020-11-12 20:23:33
Answer: HI there, underneath the green colour mat there will be an instructions chart to guide you with the changes of settings
questions   Question: Hi there, what colours do you have in stock now. And how soon can you deliver?
Adrian Tan on 2020-07-27 01:42:15
Answer: hi there! we only have this in 'Gold' colour . our earliest delivery date is from 3/8 onwards :)
questions   Question: Do they come with Chips.
Jaclyn on 2020-07-11 07:44:25
Answer: Hi there, this mahjong table doesn't come with chips .
questions   Question: Do you have different models? Can we take a look at the demo?
Mal on 2020-03-20 23:24:41
Answer: Dear customer, we do have 1 model for viewing. you may send an email to our sales team at [email protected] for making appt with us. thank you.
questions   Question: What are the different modes available? Can I set it to 112 tiles (for 3 players)
Bernard L on 2020-03-03 10:12:03
Answer: Hi, the tiles cannot be set for 3 players
questions   Question: Is jiji Automatic an American Mahjong table? Do the tiles have numbers and English on them, and also jokers in the tile set? How many tiles are in a set? Where are the assembly instruction provided? Do you ship to Alabama, USA?
Jim on 2020-02-27 13:22:49
Answer: Hi! it is in chinese, we do not do export. 
questions   Question: can it be set to 3 players?
Yu Tong on 2020-02-07 02:46:10
Answer: hi it cannot be set to 3 player
questions   Question: 1. For the auto foldable mahjong table, what is the guarantee period? 2. Who to call for repairs? 3. What are the charges for repair (excluding parts)? 4. Do you sell matching foldable chairs? 5. The price S$888 includes delivery and GST?
Jeff Ang on 2020-02-01 09:20:14
Answer: Greetings, all these are covered under our warranty for 6 months! We have a few types of foldable chairs. Prices is net price 
questions   Question: Do you have a showroom to see the making table ? I'm undecided to choose the auto or manual fold types
Vincent Tan on 2019-12-31 11:53:43
Answer: Greetings, we do not have a showroom. The difference in the price 
questions   Question: Hi, I am interested to buy the Automatic Mahjong Table (auto fold) but I have the following clarifications:- 1. What is the tile size? Can it be A1? 2. Please confirm if we can use it for Singapore style MJ? 3. Can we choose the Colour of the tiles? 4. How heavy is the table? I believe it has wheels, please confirm. 5. Is $888 the best place? 6. How Long it takes to deliver from the time I place the order? Please advise ASAP on the above so that I can decide. Thank you. Best regards, Augustine Ler 84828848
Augustine Ler on 2019-09-04 15:43:04
Answer: 1- It is not A1, the tile size is 42*31*21MM
2- Yes can be use for SG style 
3- You will given 2 set. one green one blue. 
4- 90Kg
5- It is on promo as of now. I believe this is the best place with the best price
6- It will take about 5 ~ 7 working days.

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JIJI.SG Automatic Mahjong Table in Gold (Auto Fold)
Ships from Ships from
Thu, 03 Dec '20 12:00 - 16:00
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