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JIJI.SG Automatic Mahjong Table in Gold (Manual Fold)

JIJI.SG Automatic Mahjong Table in Gold (Manual Fold)

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Ships From ; Thursday (10th Dec 2020)

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Ships From ; Thursday (10th Dec 2020)
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Essential Info


- 2 sets of Magnetic Mahjong Tiles (Blue & Green)
- 152 Tiles (inclusive of 4 Fèi)
- 3 dices (can be requested to 2)
- 90 different playing styles (2/3/4 Players)

- Default Mode (4 Players with 148 Tiles)
- USB Wired Chargeable Pods

Ratings & Reviews

By (Singapore, Singapore) on  27 Oct. 2020 (JIJI.SG Automatic Mahjong Table in Gold (Manual Fold)) :
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By (Choa Chu Kang, Singapore) on  15 May 2020 (JIJI.SG Automatic Mahjong Table in Gold (Manual Fold)) :

Manual Folding Automatic Mahjong Table

In terms of use it's great. It saves time in the game play. The space on the table seems lesser, perhaps because the tiles are slightly bigger. The dice are pretty small and one had to lean forward in order to see all 3 dices. It doesn't give you enough room to change to bigger ones. Due to the bulkness of the table to accommodate the mechanism, one can't even sit cross legged. The quality of finishing upon using shows the metal at the base as rough finish with sharp edges and poor workmanship. The wheels are not balanced as there's no washer to make room. Only has a fixed nut on each one and one of the wheel isn't even touching the floor. For the price offered it gives an idea that we are just paying for a lower grade of the table. Overall experience remains good for gameplay.

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By (Singapore, Singapore) on  12 May 2020 (JIJI.SG Automatic Mahjong Table in Gold (Manual Fold)) :

Affordable E Mahjong Table!

Came as purchased , though would have been better if there were english instructions as the term were some what too technical in the Chinese instruction manual somehow figured out the combination ! Affordable buy and Mum was very pleased with her Mother’s Day present !

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questions   Question: A) Will it be able to tell which 2 sides will be having 19 pairs and which two sides will be having 18 pairs? B) I know that no tiles should be inside when folding the table but how do we take out the tiles? C) Does it come with a wind indicator?
Dan on 2020-11-16 00:00:13
Answer: Dear customer

A) It will be fix 2 side will be alway 19 pairs and the other 2 side will be alway 18 pairs
B)After you to keep the first of mahjong tiles set and after second set shuffle is done, you may press the red button to lift up the center panel and press again for the red button, then second set will be come out.
C) It will come with a wind indicator
questions   Question: Hi, Can I check what is the dimension of the table, both when it is folded and not folded?
Steve on 2020-11-13 20:21:49
Answer: Folding size will be 112cm(H) x 100cm(L) x 60(D)
Not folding size will be 100cm(L)x 100cm(W) x 78cm(H)
questions   Question: Hi, does it come in with wirh 2 full set of tiles inclusive of flowers and animals and Feis?
Nil on 2020-11-08 00:11:43
Answer: Dear customer, It come with 2 sets of tiles and included flowers, animals and fei
questions   Question: Can pay by cheque?
Jacky foo on 2020-11-02 14:57:06
Answer: HI there, we only accept payment by card or bank transfer
questions   Question: Is there a shop or warehouse where I can come and see the automatic mahjong table before ordering? Any contact number where I can call you?
Kuan on 2020-10-20 09:00:06
Answer: Hi there, we regret to inform you that we dont have a showroom :(
questions   Question: Hi I would like to enquire, how does the manual folding work ? Is it easy to fold ? Does it also comes with roller wheels to push around ?
Dennis Lam on 2020-09-11 22:32:48
Answer: Hi there! manual folding is easy , yes it comes with wheels
questions   Question: By any chance the delivery can be 2moro? Location AMK.
Evelyn Koh on 2020-09-04 13:33:40
Answer: HI there, our earliest delivery slots will be from 8/9/20 onwards :)
questions   Question: Does it come with the tiles 'Fei' and joker head?
waye Ng  on 2020-09-01 12:02:47
Answer: Hi it comes with 'fei' no joker
questions   Question: 请向888的有动物吗?
Sophia  on 2020-07-20 14:58:49
Answer: 您好,这款有动物牌。谢谢
questions   Question: 请问可以.选麻將颜色吗?有动物吗?
Sophia lee on 2020-07-16 10:30:07
Answer: 您好,麻将牌有两副(青色和蓝色)。也有动物牌。
questions   Question: Hi, may I know if the tiles include animals?
Giselle on 2020-06-28 22:54:30
Answer: hi there! , yes each set of tiles will have 4 sets of animals :)
questions   Question: Hello, is there any warranty?
Giselle on 2020-06-28 21:39:45
Answer: hi there, yes there is 1-year warranty ;)
questions   Question: Hi. May I know what to do if the tiles stuck inside
Wj on 2020-05-09 18:20:51
Answer: hi, you may take a video and send to our team at [email protected] for us to rectify on the issue. thank you.
questions   Question: Hi, when is the earliest we can expect delivery?
Abel on 2020-05-02 13:55:33
Answer: Dear customer, delivery will take around 7-10 working days after preparing (est~5 working days). Due to the Covid-19 issue, we are receiving overwhelming orders from customers and may have some delay. We appreciate your kind patience for our team to deliver within this period. thank you.

questions   Question: Does the price of the foldable automatic mahjong table include the 2 sets of tiles and delivery cost? How long will it be delivered after confirming order?
Candy on 2020-04-26 23:31:46
Answer: Hi, it includes 2 sets. delivery wise estimated around 7-10 working days. thank you.
questions   Question: Hello would like to enquire for the auto mahjong table, will we be able to ‘wash’ the tiles instead of always using the auto? or isit a must to always use the auto?
rachel on 2020-04-22 14:15:39
Answer: Hi, as in manual 'wash' on the table itself?
questions   Question: Does it have a table top so can use it for dining?
HL on 2020-04-20 07:25:03
Answer: Hi, sorry this model no. You may take a look at our roller coaster mahjong table
questions   Question: 1) what's the tile size? 2) Warranty period? 3) Any maintenance needed?
lohhm on 2020-02-12 16:10:39
Answer: Hi, all the details is in the listing. Please scroll to see the details thank you 
questions   Question: Will this be shipped with riichi mahjong set?
Jet on 2020-02-11 12:43:34
Answer: Greetings, it is sold separately 

questions   Question: Hi, What is the Mahjong pieces size compatible to this table?? A1, A2 or A3?
Daniel on 2020-02-01 12:32:15
Answer: Greetings, the pieces dimensions are rather small and in default sizes and it is stated in the listings above! 
questions   Question: Are these all brand new sets or 2nd hand/refurbished?
Charmaine on 2020-01-29 19:25:50
Answer: Greetings, all are brand new
questions   Question: Hello Can I know the dimension of the table both open and folded? Does it come with chips do you have an image of them? Is it chargeable or it has to be plugged to a powerpoint? Looking forward!
Maryann Chua on 2020-01-22 23:26:49
questions   Question: Hi. Does it comes with the usual 2 sets of mah jong with the normal sets of animals n flowers? Need any special installation n installation included? Any warranty period given?
Pei pei Poh on 2019-10-08 10:55:41
Answer: Greetings customer, yes it does. This is the SG version. Installation is free and the warranty is 6 months as stated. 

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JIJI.SG Automatic Mahjong Table in Gold (Manual Fold)
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